Conversations with businesses and organizations in Kitimat British Columbia
What's the Future Kitimat is about the businesses and organizations in Kitimat B.C. It is a joint collaboration between Spruce Tree Media Ltd. and The Kitimat Chamber of Commerce.

What's the future is the Question for people and businesses in Kitimat, British Columbia.

Kitimat, What's the Future is a weekly podcast featuring interviews with local businesses, community leaders, and other organizations who share their experiences and perspectives on life and business in Kitimat, British Columbia. Produced by Spruce Tree Media ltd. and The Kitimat Chamber of Commerce, the podcast explores the town's unique businesses, culture, history, and resilience.
Episode 22
July 19, 2024

Hot Weather

On this episode of "Kitimat: What's the Future?", hosts Devin and Laurel discuss the current hot weather and highlight local businesses that can help you stay cool. They also delve into the details of the upcoming Business Builders Competition, sharing insights and tips for aspiring entrepreneurs.
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Episode 21
July 10, 2024


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Episode 20
June 26, 2024

Current Events

In the latest episode of "Kitimat, What's the Future?" hosts Devin and Laurel discuss the bustling activities and community events in Kitimat as June ends. They cover the successful hill climb and car show, the relaunch of the popular rock snake with a social media contest to match rocks to employees for a prize, and […]
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Episode 18
June 12, 2024

Tourism Summer Students

The summer students are back the the Kitimat Tourism and Visitors Centre. Devin chats with them about their summer plans
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