Conversations with businesses and organizations in Kitimat British Columbia
What's the Future Kitimat is about the businesses and organizations in Kitimat B.C. It is a joint collaboration between Spruce Tree Media Ltd. and The Kitimat Chamber of Commerce.

What's the future is the Question for people and businesses in Kitimat, British Columbia.

Kitimat, What's the Future is a weekly podcast featuring interviews with local businesses, community leaders, and other organizations who share their experiences and perspectives on life and business in Kitimat, British Columbia. Produced by Spruce Tree Media ltd. and The Kitimat Chamber of Commerce, the podcast explores the town's unique businesses, culture, history, and resilience.
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Episode 4
February 14, 2024

Chamber Week

In this episode, Laurel and Devin discuss the role and benefits of the Chamber of Commerce. They highlight how chambers serve the entire community, not just businesses, and provide various resources and networking opportunities. They also emphasize the importance of advocacy and policy-making in chambers. The conversation then shifts to the topic of security and […]
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Episode 3
February 7, 2024

Matrix HR's Journey

In this episode of "Kitimat, What's the Future?" host Devin Wall engages with Shannon Warren, the founder and CEO of Matrix HR. Shannon shares his personal journey from a small town in Rexton, New Brunswick, to the construction industry and eventually establishing Matrix HR. The podcast explores the origins of Matrix HR, its growth from […]
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Episode 2
January 30, 2024

Phishing Scams

In this episode of Kitimat: What's the Future?, hosts Devin and Laurel discuss the unexpected weather changes in Kitimat, causing Winterfest to change its plans a bit. Despite the weather challenges, they highlight the exciting events planned for Winterfest at the Hirsch Creek Golf and Winter Club, including curling sessions, a kid zone, snow cones, […]
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Episode 1
January 24, 2024

What's New At the Chamber

In this episode of "Kitimat: What's the Future," hosts Devin Wall and Laurel D'Andrea discuss the Chamber's adoption of the Membership Works program to modernize invoicing. They also share details about the upcoming Minerals North Conference in Kitimat, emphasizing its theme of "Kitimat: Exploring Opportunities" and the planned activities. The hosts highlight a business program […]
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